Lifting Arrow® and testimonials from both patients and medical practitioners.

Medical practitioners or patients. Those who have tried the Lifting Arrow technique are of course the best able to tell you about this revolutionary and totally natural technique.


See the testimonials of those who today recommend this painless, non scarring procedure.


Scroll through the opinions of those who have tried the Lifting Arrow® technique and met with the little arrow needle which has changed their lives and their view of body or face lifts.

Testimonial: Patient 1.
I have to admit that for me, a lift necessarily involved a surgical procedure. With Lifting Arrow I found a solution which offered a natural result and no stitches. I didn’t feel the tiny needle and the procedure lasted about half an hour. No pain, no scarring. I immediately recommended it to my friends. Does wonders for your confidence !

Testimonial: Patient 2
I always wanted to have the skin on my arms and thighs tightened but when I made inquiries, the idea of the scarring frightened me off. When I was able to have the Lifting Arrow procedure I was delighted and also had my knees done. I’d encourage all those who are embarrassed by flabby skin to have a Lifting Arrow® procedure.

Testimonial: Patient 3
No scarring, no pain, a rapid result and completely natural. What more could I ask for my face lift. No doubt at all, I recommend the Lifting Arrow procedure to my friends and am considering getting my thighs done!

Testimonial: Patient 4
I couldn’t stand the flabby skin on my arms and knees but I didn’t want any scars either ! The Lifting Arrow procedure was quite simply brilliant. I got back my taste for clothes that I like.

Testimonial: Medical Practitioner 1
For arm or thigh lifts, I was constantly confronted with the problem of the stitches and where to place them. With the Lifting Arrow technique I no longer have this kind of problem and can treat a large number of areas effectively, perfectly naturally, and without scarring !

Testimonial: Medical Practitioner 2
Thanks to the great precision in the area to be treated, the Lifting Arrow technique is perfectly adapted for a face lift. Whether the neck area or the contour of the face, this technique is very effective. Thanks to the training session, I learned rapidly how to use this little device which has become essential for the face lifts I do.

Testimonial: Medical Practitioner 3
Scarring is always a concern when talking about a face or body lift. With Lifting Arrow, you have many benefits from a technique which does not require sutures. I would recommend this type of lift technique to all my patients who, like myself, can’t take time off work but want to have their skin tightened without everyone knowing.