Lifting Arrow®: a 100% natural face or body lift.

The latest generation, requiring no surgery and with 100% natural results,

Arrow technique is a radical change for face and body lifts. The Website shows you the many facets of this technique.

« Lifting Arrow®: a 100% natural lift.

The Lifting Arrow® technique is a revolutionary procedure which is based on the scientific principles of skin detachment and retraction. As clearly indicated in the Encyclopaedia of Plastic Surgery, if skin is detached it systematically retracts by 15 to 25% of the surface treated. Based on these studies, specialists have developed a revolutionary tool to take advantage of a natural phenomenon which leaves no scar.
With a small, foam-tipped needle of the size and shape required, the practitioner painlessly destroys the adhesive fibres which block the sagging skin. The skin can then tighten up due to the natural process of fibre retraction. The results are perfectly natural and can be used on all areas where the skin needs to be tightened. No pain, no scarring and natural results.

No surgery required

Fully ambulatory (a procedure lasts approximately 30 minutes) the Lifting Arrow technique is perfect for slight to medium skin slackness on face and/or body. With no scarring and no pain, this natural lift technique is ideal for those who can’t take time off work and don’t want everyone to know.
To find out more about the Lifting Arrow technique make an appointment for an initial consultation with a specialist. The practitioner will explain in detail the stages of the technique and define with you your expectations. Get back a natural, younger appearance with this revolutionary method. The results will last on average from 7 to 10 years.