The « The Lifting Arrow® technique for body lifts

For a body lift with no scarring, discover the many advantages of the Lifting Arrow® technique. »
At this revolutionary technique is presented.

The Lifting Arrow® technique offers many possibilities.

Lifting Arrow®: a revolution for body lifts.

A very precise technique for all areas of the body.

In many cases, standard procedures are impractical because of the scarring. Often the position and development over time of the scars can cause problems. With the Lifting Arrow technique there is no longer this constraint. So it is quite possible to envisage a body lift in all the areas where the skin is slack.
Using a revolutionary needle it is possible to benefit from this markedly less aggressive technique to tighten the skin. The unique foam-tipped needle is designed like an arrow with small fins, and cuts the adhesion fibres which block the sagging skin. The procedure is simple, carried out by practitioners trained in the technique and enables a truly natural skin lift.

It is a quick, simple procedure which results in tightening of the area concerned, whatever part of the body you want to treat. The technique is highly focused and leaves
no scarring so it is much easier to treat thighs, arms or even knees. With the Lifting Arrow® technique the pleasure of wearing skirts and short sleeves is back Make an appointment for a consultation to obtain information on the Arrow lifting technique.

Based on the scientific principles of detachment of the skin and cutaneous retraction, the Lifting Arrow® technique offers exceptional results which are perfectly natural. It is easy to understand the many advantages of the Lifting Arrow technique for the neck or face but the possibilities it can offer for other parts of the body (arms, knees, thighs, buttocks, etc.) should also be considered.