A true face and/or body lift with no surgical procedure and no scarring.


Get a younger looking appearance, no surgery, no scarring. Here is a dream which has become a reality thanks to the Lifting Arrow technique. Specialists have developed a remarkable technique to naturally tighten the skin. Discover a turning point in rejuvenation treatment.

Lifting Arrow® a revolutionary technique for face and/or body lifts.

Lifting Arrow® is a procedure with no scarring and which ensures a perfectly natural result. Discover a new face lift technique with numerous advantages. No need for surgery to tighten slack or flabby skin.
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A natural lift technique for all areas of the body.

Thanks to the arrow needle used in the Lifting Arrow® technique, it is possible to carry out body lifts in many areas which until now were difficult, or where the skin is sagging (knees, ribs, thighs, arms, etc.). Take advantage of the many benefits of a natural and innovative technique.

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Lifting Arrow® and the many benefits of the arrow needle.

With its specially designed shape, use of the arrow needle means you have a totally natural result for a face or body lift. Opt for a gentle but effective skin tightening technique.

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More about Lifting Arrow® training courses.


If you are a medical practitioner and want to know more about the various training opportunities for this revolutionary technique, our experts will get back to you rapidly and indicate the sessions where you can familiarize yourself with the use of the arrow needle. Opt for 100% natural face and/or body lifts ! CLICK HERE